Monday, January 4, 2010

Still home

Today we had celebration of my Dad's birthday, he turned 55 years. My dad is tremendously kind and generous man, who achieved a lot in life, and still giving out a lot, has his own principles and values and has influenced my view on certain things many times.We had family and relatives gathered today, my grandmoms, aunts, uncles, cousin, sister, niece. Big, noisy, crazy family. Family which I love and admire. Family which supports and make me smile. Family which I always wanna be with.

with my parents

Few things to myself, so I don't forget about it:
1. Genes (of beauty and forever youth)
2. My parents are role models of love and relations.
3. I wanna have loving husband, three children and piano in the house.
4. Just leave and move forward, if it's not something you want and enjoy.
5. Be courageous and firm and your decisions.
6. Life is so diverse, and there are so many things out there!

I have 5 more days at home. Right now I don't wanna leave at all and get back to reality. But wanna stay here with warmth of house, smiles, sun and mountains :)

on Medeo

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  1. вот здесь я оч сильно скучаю по Лильку- пузырьку и Аидке-барбаидке ( что за слова я придумала???)
    anyway, наслаждайся домом!
    и у меня был хороший 1 офисный день в 2010 :)
    куча нового позитивного за 1 день- мои стажеры на след. неделе уезжают в Алматы,в Усть-Каменогорск и в Перууууууу!
    Жизнь прекрасна, когда мы ее хотим и делаем прекрасной!!!!!!!
    люблю тебя!