Monday, January 11, 2010

I started filling in AI application, and realized that filling in AI application! OMG! 3,5 years ago when I joined AIESEC I even could not think about it, that someday I'll be applying for AIESEC International...And now I am. AIESEC is truly beatiful organization, which make you dream big and act big, which make you not to be afraid of what you want and do it. Ok, gotta go and continue working on the app:) So wish me good luck!
P.S. I'm back to Moscow, excited about work, Xpro, my life overall and what's coming up ahead!

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  1. Наилюнечка, поздравляю тебя с таким обалденным решением!!! Дико рада за тебя! Поддерживаю всей душой! Значит, скоро в Тунис, да?!