Saturday, January 30, 2010


Till didn't forget, decided to post, not sleeping anyway:) Many people asking about my name, what it means etc. So here it is:
"Nailya" from arabic means "Gift".
In spite of the fact that girls with this name are calm, they're tend to be often stressed. Don't like anger toward them from others. They're principled, proud and pushy. Have strong will. Can stand for themselves and others. Like to be in the center of attention.
Determined in study and work. Distrustful. Reasonable.
They hate liers and dissemblers. Like to dream. Have very good memory. Always glad to help friends, that's why often have lack of time for themselves and solving their problems. Accurate, taking care of themselves. Hard working and independent. Flexible and diplomatic in communication. Those, born in spring love children. Can become good wives.
Name Nailya is mentioned in the Koran.

Actually I also have heard somewhere that my name means "tender":) But I like "gift" interpretation more.
Ok, going back 2 work. Samara - on Sunday, my mam will be happy, she has spent there 5 years studying:)

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