Friday, January 29, 2010

My learning

Today I got this question:
"What is your main learning during past 3 months?"
I answered:
- It's ok to be not ideal.
- It's ok to ask for help.
- It's wonderful to learn from others.
In AIESEC we often forget that we're human beings,but not "super cool i-can-do-everything, even not sleep&eat" creatures and need sometimes simple things, but not only results, performance and numbers to achieve.

Also I've heard today "Dust in the wind" song, which is stuck in my head now and reminded me of myself falling in love for the first time. I've also learnt in the past months that falling in love again and again is wonderful, and it doesn't always mean changing your object of love: people, job, interests, but discovering smth new in it. It feels good to be in love, random, not ideal, crazy and be YOURSELF!


  1. I love that song,hmmm it seems the love topic is interesting....I put up something on my blog about it when some one reminded me about how it feels..check it out and feel free to comment

  2. "super cool i-can-do-everything, even not sleep&eat" creatures - haha, what are good description!