Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week end III

Too many posts this week end. The reason is that this week end I do not talk to people alive, but only virtually and not a lot. So need to express my feelings somehow and blog is the best place to do it.
And I don't like to complain, so it's better to complain here, scream here and go mad here.
It's Sunday morning (afternoon actually, but morning for me), I'm done with General Section and moving now to Specific Questions...and video, video today. I sometimes think who came up to these applications? Idea of application itself is good, but idea to have so many questions there doesn't appeal to me:) Anyway I still enjoy it, as probably it is this time when I can think only about me, my ideas and my vision, which does not happen so often.
And random thought: I listen to Michael Jackson and sad that he passed away, cuz he was indeed talented. He left his music to us, I will leave my application :) And also I will leave my future children to the world, at least couple of thousands changed for better lives, social entreprise, book and bright memories.
Back to work:)


  1. If this happens by chance I'd be glad to see your children: I will open my school in the nearest future. Not traditional school. But school. Education is my niche. So, I 'll enjoy working with you- OMG, we are becoming so much interconnected with you day by day!
    Love it!
    Love you, Nailyushka!

  2. I love U too:) and our school will be the best, and our children of course too! Can U imagine it? Our children playing and we're sitting and remembering out "youth" :))) haha, got too far.... just hope we'll stick to each other, as U're one of the closest people to me!