Thursday, January 28, 2010

New position+randomness

Good news are: we have MC VP ICX Non-Corporate - lovely and smart Alfiya, who I met in May and then got to know her better when she was FACI on the conference I chaired. Really happy for her and sure she'll bring great results to Russia with her passion and patience!
Don't know if it's bad or good news, but I'm almost officially MCVPTM and Elections:) As 4 round of MC applications will be opened this week. This time I'll use everything possible and impossible to get the best people, maybe smb know some rituals to attract it? :)
Conclusion: Be strategic. Build up Leadership pipeline. Make Recruitment strategic. And think 10 steps in advance so your future successors and successors after successors have the best people on positions.
Example: I think 80% of people we recruited in our term, when I was LCVPTM got leadership positions, and last year MC, NST, EB and this year MC, EB, NST consisted of those wonderful members who we were interviewing, guiding and supporting along their way. I was not super strategic that time, but the success was probably that we delivered right message to them and build up expectations that AIESEC is leadership org-n and this is why people come here by our promo, External events and whole LC culture. Simple, but work:)
and random thoughts of last days:
- TM+Com synergy rocks
- in love with numbers, graphs and statistics. If we could do the same in our life? Like graph of our mood, or statistics of emotions, how would it look like I wonder.
- Knowledge management is super cool thing, use it people!
- Personal Effectiveness is my strength
- I've got a secret and don't wanna share it :) Feels nice to have a secret only for Urself :)
- Don't like people who talk and do not ACT.
- How does it feel like not to be elected? :)
- Will miss my MC team, when term is over....a loooooot
- Check it out: N-AI-L-ya s-A-b-I-rova:) People can find signs everywhere, if they want:)

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  1. I can tell you how it feels not being elect :)
    First time in MC Kazahstan it was painful as I thought I had put a lot of my effort that time, and did not get anything. Then I got elected to MC Latvia. Now, when I was not elected as MCP Latvia I feel ok. Very much ok :) Meaning, I am not feeling desperate, I am not feeling lost or anything negative, you know. I am feeling very very good. As I think I am now drawing my next step in AIESEC. So in a few months we will see what's gonna happen.
    Personal lesson from this non-elect condition: take it easy. Good things happen to good people.
    And good luck to you at your AI (s)elections!