Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't worry, be happy :)

We don't like to worry, and don't like stress, being nervous, being impatient. And we get angry when people around worry too much about us, thinking "I'm not a child anymore, I can handle everything myself".
Parents are worrying about us, when we're late, sick, sad, don't write to them, what we gonna be and where, are we happy or no. Friends worry about our life, problems, ups and downs. Boyfriends/girlfriends worry about what's gonna be with us, our relations, our mood, our thoughts...
But isn't it wonderful to have person or people you worry about and who care about you? It means you're not alone anymore, you stretched yourself beyond your own world and selfishness
and let somebody in there. So before getting mad on your parents/friends/loved ones cuz they ask too many questions and worry about each detail: think about your reaction to it. Think that these are the people who don't ask anything back, but just want to know about you and be there to support and help. And don't be afraid to show your affection to them.
And that's the topic about loneliness...We sometimes sit alone and get to the point when wanna scream that nobody understands us and we're all alone in the world. I think it's our decision to feel lonely or no. As at that moment you can pick up the phone and call to somebody and will see that there are people out there who will listen, understand and worry about you:)
I'm not lonely, even when I'm alone. Be wise in making your choice:)

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  1. Sometimes I wonder: why do these questions appear in our heads?