Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week end II

Guys, if U want to apply somewhere, do not hesitate - APPLY! As this process itself, is a huge self discovery. As even when filling in application you reflect upon your previous years, what was challenging, what U've learnt, what is YOUR experience...And it brings back so many memories, and you laugh and cry at the same time. Laugh cuz it was beatiful, cry cuz you can't go back: can't go back to your LC where everything started with interns, parties, problems, people, dreams, achievements, celebrations...Can't go back to internship with again parties, problems, people, dreams, challenges, salsa, ocean...Can't go back to conferences with the same things...And you realize that all these small things, which seemed to be so unimportant that time, brought you here, where you are now.
And you also think about your future: what is important for me, what do I stand for, what do I want to bring, who is important for me, who I can stand for, who I want to bring happiness to?

Life is wonderful:) IT IS.

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  1. I remember after National Training Seminar here in AIESEC Latvia, when I was reflecting at how we organised it, what we as FACIs, OCs, delegates brought into it, I was not 100% satisfied in the beginning.
    But not so long time afterwards I looked at it and understood that we made a great job. From then on, this thought came immediately to my mind:
    - Little things make life greater!