Friday, January 15, 2010

Popularity issue

I have many friends - girls. Of course I have guys as friends too, but here wanna talk about my girls-friends. Most of them are very pretty, smart, communicative, interesting, found themselves in life in means of career and many other positive features. But...nevertheless many are still single. I talked and talk to them, and 90% of them wanna have relations, loving boyfriend, serenades under the moon and other romantic stuff which comes along with having a boyfriend or at least guys who'll fall on them. They're searching, flirting, dressing up nice and putting on make up, but it doesn't help. They don't become popular. So recently I started asking my friends-boys why some girls are popular and always surrounded with lots of attention and others (who are not worser, but sometimes even better than the popular ones) - not. Relying on man's logic and structure, hoped to hear clear explanation which will solve the problem of loneliness once and forever. So these are the answers I got:

-girl should have "something" in her (what does "something" means nobody can explain)
-girl must be charismatic (lots of my single beauties are very charismatic though)
-girl gotta be open and sincere
-girl gotta have a "secret" (and at the same time to be open and sincere, quite tough)
-pretty or cute (doesn't help - checked)

So what's the secret of popularity? Some special energy person have or fluids he/she spreads around? Still have no clue. Probably problem is in guys who turn off the logic when selecting girls, and looking not at the right ones:) Who knows...If smb knows the secret, pls let me know and you'll have thousands of grateful people around. Or maybe it's just not the time for my friends and life is preparing them for the one and only. Hope this one is true for all of us and someday we will here this song being sung for us-beautiful and smart ladies:):

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  1. :)

    Nice nice post and nice remarks.

    There are hundreds myths about woman's logic though according to what you wrote I doubt about strong man's logic.

    Are there any real MEN in the house who can beat our comments? Or guys you are too shy to confront our (or not our) opinions in this blog post?

    I am now becoming more interested in the results of this"internal survey" :)

    Nailyusha, bring the real men to the stage- let's hear their opinion! :)