Saturday, January 23, 2010


Application sent and accepted, feel relieved, as all the other AI candidates, I guess:)
And all of a sudden feel back to reality, to my dear AIESEC Russia and work to do here! Tomorrow is deadline for MC applications, pls pls pls be elected ICX:) I want Manana to have the best team history ever had! And I wanna hug my team, and also "strange" guy who supported me so much, Lena who was always there filling in her application and Gasho with "NASA" thing:)
Whatever happens-happens, but I know that there are people around who I love and it's the most important thing in life!


  1. Who is actually this secret "strange" guy? I hope it's not some cool MCP abroad?!

  2. He's not just cool, but the best:)

  3. So strange or best? It's so confusing!:)

  4. "NASA" thing? Is it exercise from new code of NLP?