Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm at home...Ready to say these words thousands times to myself and to everybody around. Home, home, home! Almaty is sunny and bright with lots of snow, new law about not-smoking in public places, traffic jams and in New Year mood. My friends are wonderful, kind, warm and happy to see me. Most of them (even AIESECers) became "normal" people with work, husbands or wifes, children, so I experience how life looks like outside of AIESEC :) Family is just family...Mam as always saying that I lost lots of weight in Moscow and look skinny, so she tries to put in me as much food as possible:) Dad is on vacation, watching TV, laughing with his kind voice and making jokes I love so much. My sister has all these party stories from Cyprus, funny and cute, simple and grown up.
My friend dropped today and took me around the city on car to my favourite places: parks, squares, streets... Places which still keep all the memories about me being there and I felt it, but realized that it will not be the same next time. Next time there will be no memories of me there, as I'm trying to catch the past and have nostalgy about times we were young and crazy:) I don't feel myself being here in future: on these streets, in these parks....But still it's extraordinary to be back, I have these bittersweet feelings and wanna get dissolved in the city in my family and friends.
And also piano and sheetmusic: Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky....I missed U guys:) Playing everyday and need lots of practice to get back to the level I've been to.
Wanna be selfish and romantic, not think about work, but about things which are right here and now.

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