Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas mood

World is going crazy with celebrating Christmas, and I'm just going crazy because have too much positive emotions today: grattitude, admiration, inspiration, expectation of wonder, reflection, memories...My friend told me today that Christmas is time for saying "Thank you", so let's try to thank people who inspired me today - Dec.24
First of all, thank you Anya, my lovely girl who we were recruiting when I was LCVPTM in Almaty. People seldom say words of grattitude and thanking for changing smth in them. Today I received this precious gift from her, thank you:) And it took me back to time when I was LCVPTM and everyday had this idea in my head that wanna bring change and contribution, time which defined where I am now.
Thank you Kevin for being born today:) As I became "Kevin's notes fan" when writting birthday wishes on facebook and accidentally saw notes written, which are so sincere, thoughtful and awakening smth in me. What beatiful is that you can express smth each of us has inside with words, it's art. I wanna steal now all these notes and put it on my blog:)
Thank you Dima, Dasha, Dinar and Sten for applying for TM. One of you will be my successor, but anyway I admire each of you. And when received all these applications, was jumping around and felt super hyper excitiment!
Thank you Assel for being far and being so close, for letting me share with you things which nobody knows about and being so strong.
Thank you Vojta...too many things to write here what for:)

So Merry Christmas to you and me! And hope each day will be full of these kind of small, but precious gifts from our loved ones, whether it's Xmas card, song, note or line in chat...

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