Friday, December 18, 2009

Was it crazy month? Definitely it was. And it was let's say "building the future" month, as we had National Congress where elected MCP and part of MC team, as well I participated in TMU meeting where we were developing strategies for AIESEC and shaping how org-n will look like in future in TM area. I also decided for myself what I wanna do: run for AI 2010-11. So, good luck to me:)
All this time every day I was excited about something, had ideas, feeling, emotions, was laughing and crying, enjoying, being nervous, running, not sleeping...Intense time with different places, people, events. I still feel like being in a rush, that need to run somewhere, solve smth quickly. For now I have few things on my mind:

- People who became so close to me
- My future successor. Who will it be?
- TMU. Wrap up everything and deliver the results!
- Home. I'm going there in 10 days....First thing will do is to play the piano.
- 2010. What will this year bring to me?
- Doubts...
- Wanna be in love

Elections! Manana - MCP 2010-11 and her new team!

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