Monday, November 16, 2009

In AIESEC U meet hundreds of people, some become important part of your life, some U see for 3 days on the conference and never get in touch again.
And if to count how many people I've met in AIESEC, out of AIESEC: who are wonderful and so special, the number will be several thousands probably?....
Also it's magical, how sometimes one 10 min conversation can change a lot on U, and then U never meet this person again. So, if to say about impact each person brought to me, it's better to say: I am who I am because of everyone. And I appreciate and love this "everyone" today. Only need to say it more often:) And advice U to do the same. Cuz we can loose this "special" people, if don't tell them about how we really feel.


  1. Nice thought. I have heard something about book you are writing. How is it proceeding? Will you put there also such articles?