Thursday, November 5, 2009


Finally I'm in Siberia:)
Novosibirsk. Cold. Snowing. Beatiful.
I arrived more than a week ago for Regional Exchange Conference, where was agenda manager and FACI for Leadership Track. Discoveries and enjoyment are two words which describe these conference the best for me: jokes by Jenya (our chair), the most active learners ever-delegates, random and professional FACIs, Marina with "excellent" time mngmnt skills, creative Egor, smart Jenya, drunk MC team...
Now I'm on visit in @ NSTU, tomorrow another LC visit will start with @ NSU.
Visits is another chapter in "Novosibirsk" story.
I just love what I do, and falling in love with it day by day.
And I'm confident now in my choice. And trying to write the book....

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