Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yesterday many people called and wrote asking if everything is ok, cuz of all these events in Moscow. I can imagine how many phone calls and letters people in Moscow received with words of love, as they felt danger of loosing their dear ones and felt grateful that nothing happened to them...
I was talking to one friend in the evening who wrote: "I'm so glad nothing happened to you...I can't even imagine what would I do if something happened. This shows that most of the time we take life for granted". And that's the thing: we can't imagine what would we do if something happened to our dear ones, but maybe sometimes we should think about it not to miss moments, to say words we want to say, to do things we want to do. But we're always afraid of something, afraid to be alive, to be sincere, emotional, afraid to be hurt or misunderstood.
And what if you knew that today is Ur last day? Who would you write to? Who would you talk to? What would you say?

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