Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring "wishes"

I remember once we with my cousin went to wedding salon and I was trying on wedding dresses, and felt like princess. I think it's one of two options to feel like princess: when somebody is treating you like princess or when U have this magnicifent dress on you:) Want to feel like princess again, and as nobody is treating me like princess, decided to go for second, already checked option: go to wedding salon/shop and try on many many beatiful purely white dresses.
Also wanna buy earrings: my "April" earrings, get camomiles and go to Picasso exhibition in Pushkin museum.
Wanna it to be very warm in Moscow to wear my pretty dresses, go to Tsaritsyno and have picnic there.
If anybody wanna join me for my spring "wishes", drop a line :)

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