Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time to grow up?

I always was of opinion that life is great when it is spontaneous: no long term plans, acceptance of what’s coming on the way, random decisions, no regrets. And so far I enjoyed it, doing what I want to do and not looking back or forward. But lately I got this feeling that have no control of my life, and my plans depend on many factors, which I probably creating myself. If to look back everything I was doing, was not planned in advance, but just pumped out at some point and I grabbed the opportunity. And now I also have opportunities ahead of me, but how will it affect my future? And what do I want from my future? What are the most important things for me? I can’t answer these questions now in concrete way. I’m self aware person, know of my strengths and weaknesses, things I like and don’t, but can’t answer these simple questions in my head whether I’m moving in a right direction. Maybe I’m getting old (birthday is coming soon:) ) and my age is calling for stability, who knows :) Or maybe I'm thinking too much, and just need to chill out and let it go...


  1. We should definitely talk about it now- you/your life/etc
    I had similar thoughts recently. Looks like I'm on the way to distinguish my next steps :)

    See ya soon!
    Hugs from St Pete :)

  2. Nailya, your audience in Norway is wishing you fun with the personal reflections! :)

    I'm very curious in which country of the world would you end up with after Russia. I will let you know when will be the next time I am going to KZ - maybe we can fly together again ;)

  3. Honestly, I don't know, how to reach you most effectively, that's why I wrote everywhere: happy birthday, Nailya! Love you, darling!