Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm sitting now at the Tunisian Airport, as our flight was cancelled and we're leaving one day later.
And I'm super inspired now and motivated as had conversation which stroke me and made me 100% sure of what I wanna do, it showed me why I was not upset at all when was not elected to AI, why I was meant to be on IPM and what will do next year and years after:)
I wanna make people experience what I experienced: world, the best people, challenges, searching and findings.
I wanna make a difference.
I wanna follow my values and bring it to the world.
I wanna AIESEC be organization how I see it: org-n which brings changes.

IPM was amazing, as every conference actually:) AI elections were tough, challenging, enjoyable, as all elections:) But the point is that I had self discovery, which never happened to me, I could face MYSELF and see who I am and what I stand for.
Right now first priority for me is AIESEC Russia, 2 months to finish our term on a high note and leave the best possible for the next team.
And for my passion and dream for the next year is to open AIESEC in new country, to give this opportunity to young people in the country to live this beatiful organization and to give opportunity to another young people to drive it and make contribution. I really mean it, and ready to turn my dream into action. Country which is on my mind now to do it is Uzbekistan. And I'm absolutely serious about it, as never in my life!
Oh, so many emotions, and thoughts, and ideas in my head right now! So will write when at home and have structure in my head:)
And one last thing: I don't know how to express grattitude to all the people who supported me throughout elections and after, I don't just appreciate it, but I'm so lucky to have these kind of people around. Thank you from all my heart!
But sometimes you need to turn to wrong direction in order to find the right one, which actually happened to me:)


  1. Wow, that sounds awesome! Did you talk to the Cambodia guys? I remember Jan before he started with the whole thing and I'm impressed what difference a few people can make in a new country ... So in two years time it'll be you presenting Uzbekistan as OE to the international community, hm?

  2. hey, what about Jamaica ? i'm already ready for that. and thought we gonna open it. seriously. but Uzbekistan - agree. AIESEC needs to be there. mb i'll join you. we need to talk about that.

  3. Albania and Montenegro are also waiting for AIESEC to be opened there :)

    But first of all, want to see AIESEC in Uzbekistan! Got so much inpired by your idea! I will visit you in Tashkent one day!

  4. There are more than 30 countries where AIESEC is not presented:) so, let's spread it out and engage more and more young people! and everybody is welcome to participate:)
    Love ya guys!