Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Closest people in life are not those who you always have fun with, always comfortable, who U're joking all the time with and never had any problems. Those people will always be with you changing one another...
Closest people are those who U loved and hated, had best times and worst times, had conflicts, but forgave, had this awkward silence, but overcame it. And you can allow yourself not to be ideal, allow yourself some weaknesses, cuz they accept and love you they way you are.
But the most difficult part is this phase when person from first description transforms to some phase from second description, and you're afraid...Will you overcome the challenges together or he/she will just leave? Will you be accepted the way you are and will you be able to accept the person with all pluses and minuses?


  1. Amazing words Nailya. So true.

  2. Nailya, good reflections indeed. Missing the real conversations with you. I'll let you know when I'll be in Almaty - although I don't even know if you will be there that time :)