Friday, March 25, 2011

Came back)

Yeap, blogspot is now working for me and I started new chapter in my life called "Sweden and Electrolux", and also it's my birthday today!
So I'm back to my blog!

Can't believe I'm 25) It freaks out somehow cuz of social pressure: people expect you to be stable, with family and succesfull person at that age, at least in Kazakhstan. And I'm not married, have no kids, started internship in Electrolux, so have no clue where will be celebrating my next birthday.
But...I was looking today through random photos of mine since childhood till today. I was looking at all those great moments, people, places and realized that I'm happy with what I have. I look back and do not regret a thing, because I was alwyas trying out new things and was doing them my way. I'm very happy today particularly cuz my friends from all the world congratulate me and with each of them I have special connection and special memories which we share.
I am successful in my own way, without family and stable job, but successfull in living my life the way I want, having people around who will never give up on me and from who I learn so much,having person who I love, experiencing new cultures and enjoying each moment!
Happy Birthday to me!

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