Monday, April 5, 2010

Time to say good bye?

We started MC to MC Transition on Friday. Strange, how quickly you get used to bunch of people in the flat and feel quite comfortable. The one thing I understood that I can't be inside for a long time and need to go out for a walks, coffee, exhibitions to see something new and change environment. And thing which motivates me a lot is "earrings". I bought three pairs of earrings yesterday and it made my day!
And I realized that in a little bit more than a month not only "MC" chapter will be over in my life, but "Russia" chapter. Will leave this country and don't know when I'm back. 1,5 years made me definitely like at home here, but it's time to move. Here is the list of places which I still wanna visit in Moscow in the upcoming month and say good bye to Russia:

- Zoo
- Tsaritsyno
- Concert hall after Chaikovsky name
- Ostankino
- Kolomenskoye
- Ferry walk on Moscow river

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