Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Think positive

To the topic of AI elections (between really happy for people who got there now in the second round). Anyway, found it among my notes on IPM:

"February, 17, 2010.
...The worst part is that I don't know if I wanna be in AI. Don't know. And it's really worrying me. I doubt my motivation a loooot...And it's silly to give it up now when you're in the process already and flew all way to Tunisia for the sake of elections. And inside I hope that will not be elected, isn't it weird? Wanna talk about it, talk talk talk, but everybody says that it's cuz I'm nervous and have these thoughts. And I'm not sure if wanna do it and it's for me, if wanna work with Hugo (who most probably will be elected) and if believe in some certain initiatives which are being driven..."
It's funny coincidence how Ur thoughts come to true.
So "think positive" phrase is not without the meaning:)

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