Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wanna thank my friend for yesterday conversation about "conversation" and its importance in our life. As we still didn't create anything else to communicate: we express ourselves through words, phrases, sentences. Music and art is more supportive - helping us to express feelings and emotions.

- Conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue.
- Do we really listen? Or just waiting for our turn to talk?
- Are we open to express ourselves? Or expecting person to guess about our ideas and feelings?

Think about it, if you look around you'll understand that your friends are those who you can talk to, and you don't surround yourself with people who are not likely to have interesting conversations with you, or random conversations, or funny conversations. I remember this moment in summer: when I felt that my boyfriend doesn't have empathy anymore and doesn't wanna talk to me as before, I realized: "something is wrong", which turned out to be true.
But I'm happy I have people around for fruitful conversations, for random conversations, for gossips conversations, for complaining conversations, for deep conversations, for touching conversations, for "generating ideas" conversations: who listens, who shares, who cares.


  1. I love to talk to you silently.
    It is sometimes too loud but I love it.
    And yes, I enjoy our night chats :)

  2. and we sometimes have special kind of conversations with U: "Erzhik conversations" and "About love conversations" :)

  3. ah, "Erzhik conversations" are the sweetiest! :)
    and "About Love Conversations" - well, it's all about us :)