Monday, June 22, 2009

Lots of interview last week: first for NST candidates and after for ProMS FACI candidates.
So we've formed these two teams!
With NST we'll be working all year long, I'm really happy that Lena and Oxana are there (TM forever:) )!
And FACI team for ProMS seems to be amazing as well.
Maybe it's selfish, but I'm SOOOO happy that my dear Stotskiy is there.
I met this crazy Slovak more than 2 years ago on ITC, we were in one homegroup and since then consider each other just relative souls, though haven't seen each other all this time. It's strange how U can see the person and after few words understand that whatever happen and wherever U're, he'll be there for you, supporting, cheering up, sharing and just chatting about some stupid stuff. And U feel so easy and natural, don't have to pretend. And this feeling is not dissapering with time or distance, it's just here with U all the time. And now we gonna meet after more than 2 years - in Kaliningrad:) He's coming as he promised 2 years ago :)
It's just one of examples as conference brings people U would never meet together and creates this magical relations - friendship...

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