Sunday, June 28, 2009

Going Globally?

Yesterday we've spent wonderful evening walking around Moscow, I start to love this city: bright, contrast, big, unexpectable. But the point is not in Moscow:) AIESEC Moscow interns joined us yesterday: USA, Mexico, India, Brazil... I felt like I'm back to times when was in LC Almaty and we had this totally crazy summer with our dear interns and U could feel this international spirit in every detail. And I realized that miss it...miss this feeling of going globally, getting to know other cultures, talking to people in english about everything in the world: your countries, stereotypes, places, people. I miss it, terribly miss it. Probably that's why waiting for IC in Malaysia: another country, hundreds of people from different countries.
I guess I got addicted to travelling and different cultures when was in USA - mixing pot of cultures and traditions. And now thinking of my AIESEC path, realized that I decided to stay and go further after got to You Can in Poland, so this internationalism actually was one of the reasons I've stayed.
I kind of don't feel it in MC right now - international spirit, and the reason is not that we speak russian language.
I thought about my friends now, really close friends - they all travel, experienced a lot in means of adventures around the world. I guess our common thirst for going around the globe and understanding of how it is to live in another country created connection between us somehow as well, so we understand each other and can share things which people who have not lived abroad will not understand completely.
Mmm, don't think I'm stressed out about that:) There are thousands of other things which make me happy, but this idea of going globally makes me think what I want to do next year...settle down or go further?

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  1. Клёво так пишешь)) нравится

    И похоже мы не увидимся на Ай Си - моя МСР сказала, что денех нету и типа из-за рекрутмента я должна остаться в Хорватии...) ну я уже не очень расстраиваюсь - решила на море свалить.