Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From home to home

Just got back to Moscow, and when was in the airport thought: "Good to be home again" :)
Two weeks ago I had the same thought when landed to Almaty airport: "Good to be home again" :)
Can a person have two homes, or its splitting of personality? 

Previous two weeks were full of speed and life for me...Need to see everybody, do MC work, visit favourite places and many many more. Highlights:

  • salsa...love it
  • don't get too drunk, or U'll get on TV
  • nothing is impossible: even free taxi or jokes over U from radio :)
  • people change... a lot
  • don't be afraid to talk to unfamiliar people, they can become special part of your life
  • try new things, even watching movie U would never watch
  • drink in the park, it's fun and cheap
  • spend time with Ur family&relatives, it's the best way to relax
  • don't plan your day, something will come up eventually and it will be the best XP
  • miss people who are far away - start valuing them much more
  • skype is the greatest invention :)
  • people are the main value, no matter what
Now back to Moscow, to my boyfriend, to my dear MC team...feels good and sad at the same time, as don't know when will be in Kazakhstan again with my family, friends, LC, mountains, streets, parks, full buses, sunny weather, crazy parties and this atmosphere which surrounds you in Almaty.

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  1. i really really understand you my crazy Nailyusha. i miss Almaty drive a loooot!!!!