Friday, October 23, 2009

Too much

Finally, finally we released MC 10/11 Elections Applications!!! Wohoo!
I'll tell to the next Election Manager that one day is not enough to put it all together :) And he or she gotta plan more time for it :)
Anyway I understood yesterday, that work in MC never ends, there is always smth to do...So now my goal for November to stay focused and learn how to put right priorities. Cuz goal for October: self-discipline eventually worked out.
It will be messy post, just wanted to write something:
I was chairing AIESEC Induction Seminar in Saratov. Oh, gosh, I miss all LC work, when U see people in front of you, not on the other side of your laptop. When U see happy faces, ready to do smth (though they still don't know what), FACI team -who are worrying about each session and detail. Yeap, Saratov was amazing, fell in love with them. And of course unexpected things happened as well...This is MC:) "Super-flexibility" is our motto. I was supposed to return on Tuesday to Moscow and already had tickets. But on Sunday evening got a call from my MC, that MUST be in Moscow on Monday for Russia Day (feedbacks for LCs SONA). I look at schedule and see that there is a train in 20 minutes. There are 2 cash boxes opened with huuuuuuge line, so this variant didn't work out, as people in Russia are not likely to understand in these kind of situations. So I see the next one in 40 minutes, which has more expensive tickets and I don't have money with me :( But it didn't stop us, as my lovely FACI team was there, so we bought ticket for me 5 minutes before the train left and in the morning I was happily in Moscow, rushing to my MC. 3 days with not shower didn't influence my performance, so all work is done and there is more to come. Next week will be totally crazy: Novosibirsk, Conference, LC visits, TMU, FallCo preparation....
After all these adventures and recalling another ones, idea to write a book rose. So...stay tuned. I have a thrilling, strange, amazing co-author, so we'll make it work:)
And for now, apply for MC 10/11 AIESEC in Russia to write your story! It's worth, can tell U on my own experience!

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