Tuesday, October 6, 2009


One person told me not so long ago: “Mmm, you have changed…”.

Kind of philosophical statement, as our world is constantly changing, has been for centuries and will continue to change. The same is for people: we change physically, emotionally, intellectually every day, sometimes not noticing it. If change is “permanent”, I ask myself a question: Why do people, organizations resist to change, try to stop it and put limits?

Even if to look at people in AIESEC, who are supposed to be open to changes and tell on every corner that they’re seeking for challenges and new stuff, when it comes to an action, some still find millions of excuses, barriers, logical explanations not to step up for change. It’s tough for people to accept change, cuz it breaks our routine, stability, takes away the “known”. They resist, but sooner or later change occurs, and people find out that they just wasted energy trying to stop smth and missed opportunities behind. Just imagine what would be with our world if there was no change? No planes, no internet, no technologies, no art, no us as we are now… Imagine what would happen to AIESEC if there was no change?

I personally believe that in every change there is a positive effect, even sometimes we don’t see it in a sudden.

So if you could change one thing in your life today what it would be?

What are you doing to make it happen?

Impact IC made on me are these thoughts about changes in our organization and change which AIESEC is able to make and I can bring personally. I'm still figuring out what are the actions I gotta take for that, but for sure my attitude to certain things and the way I'm doing it have changed since I got back to Moscow.

So be positive and embrace change, which is coming up on your way!

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