Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today I found out that one of my friends is applying for MCP after not being active in AIESEC for 3 years... I always admired him for the fact that he was not afraid to be himself, no matter what other people will say! Some will think it's easy to be yourself, no matter what... But I thought about myself and people who surround me and understood that it's not easy: we always adapt, trying to be good so everybody loves us, afraid of critics, scared to death to loose our friends, feel nervous when changing places. All of that makes us to hide some of our features sometimes and say things, which people want to hear, but not the things we want to say.
So step which my friend decided to take really inspired me to stay loyal to myself! Nobody expected him to apply, nobody knows motivation he has for it, but what I'm sure about is that he's true to himself and doesn't care about what others will say about it, but about importance of it to him! 
These actions made by people around me, challenge and make me think about myself and upcoming year in AIESEC Russia! Now I really understood how important it is to stick to the values you have and not to be afraid to LIVE and ACT!
Thank you Max:)))


  1. Truly said. Its difficult to be yourself then to be someone else. It all comes down to - how much one knows about oneself.

    What inspires more- our own accomplishments or others successful endeavours ?

    P.S. It was nice to read your post.

  2. Max... we talked about him even at MC chat with Luisa ))) He is really STAR: you can hate me...you can love me... but you think about me )))