Monday, March 30, 2009

EuroXpro XP

After 2 weeks, I'm finally home...
It's sounds strange that I already call Moscow - my home:) 
As every conference - Xpro was also special for me. 
First of all, cuz it's the beginning of my term in MC Russia, and first time in my life I was represnsting Russia, even put on dress which didn't match with my non-russian face:)

Secondly, I met my family - AIESEC in KZ, met my dear Aika, my sister was reconncection time for us. I remember how we were working in LC Almaty altogether, growing and dreaming big and now look at these people and see how much they changed and grew, I'm so proud of them.

Third, it's Romania...It was wonderful to come back, I was in Romania 2 years ago on International Trainers Congress and still consider that conference to be the best in my life. Have so many memories connected to Romania, so coming back was amazing!

And of course it's all these small moments which we've lived with people from Xpro, my Russian delegation - will forever stay in my memory...

I still have mess in my head, so many thoughts, emotions and feelings about me, my future team, term, friends...So now need some time to think, calm down and wrap up my experience.


  1. aha, as I see you have finally found the password? :) great! Now keep posting and don't be lazy :D

  2. yeah-yeah...found-found-found...

    Your comments as you life - random, full of emotions....and interesting )))