Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a little bit lost right now. My MC term in Russia -this HUUGE chapter in my life with the beatiful team experience, extreme achievements and hard challenges was oficially over 2 days ago. But I'm still in Moscow, in MC flat with part of my team preparing our last project - H4TF conference, so I still feel like working and like being MCVPTM:)
And two many things will be going on with me in May: selection process next two weeks (my next year depends on that), moving home in 2 weeks (still need to manage moving my enormous amount of clothes to Kazakhstan somehow), chairing at conference in my home LC (super exciting), my Vojta coming to Moscow next week (happy happy happy), work in TMU (lots of work).
Right now I feel happy and physically exhausted, like I was keeping myself on high energy level all year long and now when U have no definite next steps, U feel lost, tired, but.... optimistic:) and need time for yourself, finally some time for yourself:)
And I want to write so many things about my MC term, each day, hour, minute which I've lived here with my team and don't know how to put it in words...
When get home will go to mountains, get fresh air and pack my experience I got, yeap I'll do it.
For now one thing to do: excellent H4TF conference for people I've worked with the whole year!

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