Thursday, February 11, 2010


One of the lessons I've learnt in AIESEC and in my family is - respect.
Respect is one of the values I try to follow, but it doesn't always work out, as it's difficult to always watch yourself and what you say. But at least I respect work of others, their opinion, their choice and do not judge it or react negatively. But observing people around unfortunately realize that it's not common for people, especially in Russia. Even respect for older people does not always work, at least in Moscow. It's seldom when in metro smb will give a place to an old woman, who hardly stands. Or when people listen to you attentively when U speak out. Or they respect your choice and do not judge it. For instance, I always get comments about me smoking and not even kind request not to do it, but strict orders not to smoke in front.
And it's also interconnected with tolerance. I noticed often people judge others, not looking at themselves and what they did.
I believe that life puts everything on its places, and as a bumerang everything returns to us. But one thing I know for sure, that will surround myself with people and will live in the place where there is respect for my choice and what I do.

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