Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random thoughts

Just got back after intense Planning Conference in Ufa and purely crazy team days with our MC team... Don't wanna repeat all the words about great people I've met there, wondeful time with members of AIESEC in Russia, the best of the best TM team, beatiful Ufa and bunch of ideas about my MC term!
I guess this time for me was time of discoveries:

discovering AIESEC in Russia. Now I feel part of AIESEC here and ownership for the people who I'm gonna work with and work for. Looking at people from different Local Committees, their passion for what they do and planning to do next year is the best motivation I could ever have!

discovering my MC team. In the previous post I was writing about my team and Storming time we were through that time. We not just overcome it, but became so close as people. Especially I'm grateful to Manana,Lena and Rus who were a positive surprise for me and shared with me so many funny moments, lifetime memories:)

discovering myself. How I can behave in certain situations, what I can contribute and what I gotta imrpove in myself. So now I know what to work on. 

discovering Ufa city. I was enjoying my time there, as Ufa reminds me a lot of my hometown Almaty, even the same buildings. The atmosphere of the city: friendly, hospitable, calm and sunny was like a break after crazy Moscow life. 

Today I was going after the train station to my appartment, looking at green trees and bright sun, and was thinking about connection between people... I got connected to people who I even didn't notice, and still logically can't explain why, we just got connected, though we're so different and never knew each other. 
Probably I should just walk my path and look forward, but not back, just feel and embrace experience which is coming on my way. so Let it be, as Beatles sing:)

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